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2054 Timber Way Drive
Cortland, OH, 44410
United States


About Us

About InnovateGear

There were things that I made or used on stage that musicians kept asking me about - things you can’t find in the big box stores. So I decided to make a site just for those rare yet useful items for musicians. The Backing Pads are made by us in the studio and will add a NICE later of sound to your live events. The 7 Theory training videos will get you and your band rocking and playing WELL and in the pocket, each in their own lane! You’ll love them! Then there are items like the Grip6 belt in our “Other Items” page that simply link you to their store. They’re items that we think are awesome and useful yet they are not our products.

We hope you enjoy the InnovateGear! Tell a friend!

Grip6 Belt

“The Grip6 Belt is an answer to prayer for guitar players!”

No more scratching your beautiful guitar with our belt buckle!

Get a Grip6 Belt and keep your guitar beautiful!