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2054 Timber Way Drive
Cortland, OH, 44410
United States


Innovate Sound Rental

Innovate Sound Co

We have 2 Live Systems Available for Rent. Both include the set up and tear down of a trained audio pro. To get started, review the 2 options below, decide which system best fits your needs, then complete the Rental Request. *Placing the request does not guarantee the rental. We have to check out schedule and get back to you. Thanks so much for booking with Innovate Gear & Innovate Sound Co.

Large System

Our Large System is, you guessed it, suited for large events ranging from 200-2,000 people in attendance.

  • 3 QSC K12 FOH Main Speakers

  • 5 Monitors for Musicians/Singers

  • 2 In-Ear Monitors (Must Bring EarPlugs/Headphones)

  • 5 SM58 Vocal Mics

  • 5 SM57 Mics for Guitar Cabinets, Instruments

  • 2 609 Mics for Guitar Cabinets

  • 6 Drum Mics

  • BackLine: Bass Amp (yes), Drum Set (upon Request) Yamaha Keyboard (upon Request)

  • 2 A.T. Condensor Mics for String Inst.

  • 4 HandHeld Mics

  • 2 Lapel Mics

  • 24 Channel Snake

  • 24 Channel Digital Sound Board

  • 2 Sound Guys to Set-up/RunIt/Tear-Down

Small System

Our Small System is suited for events with 10 inputs or less & crowds of 100 or less.

  • 2 QSC K12 FOH Main Speakers

  • 1 Small Sound Board

  • 1 Monitor

  • 2 Lapel Mics

  • 1 HandHeld Mic

  • 2 Direct Inputs for Acoustic/Keys

  • 1 SM58 Vocal Mic

  • 1 SoundMan to Set-up/RunIt/Tear-Down

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