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Music Education Videos on DVD


Music Education Videos on DVD

7 Theory Square Image_edited-1.jpg
7 Theory Square Image_edited-1.jpg

Music Education Videos on DVD

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The 7 Theory DVDs are consistently getting 5 star reviews from customers!

You’ll learn the basics of how to play guitar, how to play piano and best of all, how to play by ear using the Nashville Number System. Jordan Biel has created this unique method to TRAIN YOUR EAR to HEAR the chord being played by first training your left brain to memorize the sound of the 7 numbers, much like your brain can memorize the look of colors. You can do it! Money Back Guaranteed if not!

Jordan has taught his unique course at National Worship Leader Conferences, SING!, Taxi’s Road Rally, Worship 424, Grove City College and more.

Take the fast track to playing guitar!

Take the fast track to playing piano!

*This is a DVD that will be shipped to you with 22 Lessons on it. If you’d prefer to download training videos, then purchase them by selecting “Guitar Lessons” or “Piano Lessons”

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